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Christmas PartyCheetah's Christmas get together. 

Participants: Cheetah's and their family and friends. We will contact you regarding the event.

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Eeelam Cup - 2010
  Eelam Cup was hosted by Tamil youth to showcase talents from variety of age group in an international level, where teams from all over Canada take part to celebrate the game of Soccer. The Tamil Eelam Challenge Cup 2010 is proudly sponsored by major businesses around GTA and considered one of highly anticipated tournaments of summer season. Cheetahs Soccer Club was humbled by the request in taking part in a crowd cheering tournament. Three teams took part in this tournament, U9, U8, and U6 respectfully.

There has been a lot of buzz over which teams would be competing with Cheetahs and it soon came to light that Seelan Rangers(A) and Theepan would be versing U9, Seelan Rangers(B) and St. Anthony's against U8, and last but not least, Theepan and Seelan Rangers versing U6. U9 of Cheetahs was chosen to play with U10 of other two versing teams. In the realm of talents combating against each other, U9 defeated Seelan Rangers (U10) 1:0; and lost the second match to 0:1 with Theepan(U10). Within few seconds, Cheetahs owned the game by playing in the same capacity as U10 players. The crowd was amazed to see the potential and true sportsmanship of these players and cheered them regardless of the outcome.

U8 however, not only owned the game but they also owned the podium. U8 was always undefeated both in Scardeso as well as in all the tournaments they have played so far. They have certainly made their mark in the soccer field. Once again, they emerged as CHAMPIONS. What a proud moment it was!

U6 was divided into two teams where 'A team' and 'B team' vs other U6 teams. The A team had one win and one tie. B team had very young players (3-4years) tried their best to strike goals, by overcoming difficulties, nevertheless their opponents landed more goals which placed them in no-win situation. Even though they didn't emerge as winners, they definitely won many hearts in the audience. They proudly hold on to their participation medal and that made their day.

The Night ended in an amazing note by U8 winning the CHAMPIONSHIP and one player was awarded the U8 Challenge Cup to take home. The entire Cheetahs Club was in awe as to how fruitfully the season came to a close- The finish line was truly remarkable!!!!!!!!



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